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What is the Healthy Eating Manual all about?

Over the last 25 years, Canadians have shown more interest in their health than ever before while becoming less healthy than ever! (ref: Canadian Health Measures Survey 2007-2009)

Clearly interest is not enough. Canadians need to make some changes. Healthy Eating along with regular physical activity are two of the best and easiest ways to promote one's own health.

This is where the Healthy Eating Manual fits in.

The Healthy Eating Manual is about:

  • Bringing good nutrition and healthy eating to life in a very practical way.
  • Incorporating healthy eating education into existing and developing programs.
  • Helping community- based leaders to help others to learn about nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Spreading the healthy eating message through a variety of people, programs and organizations.


The Healthy Eating Manual was originally developed in 1994 as part of the Health Action Plan by the Ontario Ministry of Health. It was updated in 1997 and additional sessions were added in 2000. A comprehensive review of the manual was undertaken in 2004-05. In 2008 a survey conducted by the Nutrition Resource Centre, Ontario Public Health Association overwhelmingly indicated the need for this type of resource and plans were made for further review and redevelopment.

This is the 2011 Version ~ revised and updated by the Nutrition Resource Centre, Ontario Public Health Association with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Who Should Use this Manual?

The Healthy Eating Manual has been developed for leaders who have the opportunity and desire to incorporate healthy eating information into programs they are currently running or planning.

The learning activities developed for this manual will appeal to anyone looking for fresh approaches to teaching nutrition and healthy eating.

Potential Users of the Manual

  • Health educators / Health Promoters
  • Public and community health nurses
  • Occupational health personnel
  • Social workers
  • Teachers in adult re-training facilities
  • Instructors of wellness courses
  • Fitness leaders or instructors and personal trainers
  • Health volunteers
  • Registered Dietitians in Community Health Centres, Family Health Teams, Hospitals, Pubic Health Units, or Private Practice
  • You

Who Will Benefit

These materials have been developed for adults and their families who want to learn about nutrition and healthy eating. The lessons can be easily used with groups in various settings, including worksites, recreational programs, fitness programs, and other community based groups.

Format of the Manual

The 2011 Healthy Eating Manual is available in pdf format by download from this website. Leaders may download and print each mini-lesson as needed. Currently there are no plans to produce print copies. Leaders are requested to register to access the lessons for download. Registering will ensure that the Nutrition Resource Centre can track usage and keep in touch with Leaders if mini lessons are updated or added.

Although there are many aspects to healthy eating, these mini lessons focus on topics important for 2011 and beyond:

  • Healthy Eating Basics
  • Reducing dietary sodium (salt) and simple sugars
  • Including whole grains and healthy fats
  • Eating more vegetables and fruit, and fibre
  • Healthy eating when dining out
The Healthy Eating Manual

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